Vegetable Biryani – How to cook in three simple steps


This vegetable biryani is developed in response to the request by some of my readers who read about the chicken biryani recipe which I posted in 2017, who ask me how to convert it to a vegetarian version.

I reply that it is more practical to develop a new veg briyani recipe than making a conversion, as it involves too many changes.

Without the meaty flavor of chicken, this recipe relies on the combination of herbs and spices, as well as a variety of vegetables complement each other to create the bold and flavorful taste that stands out on its own, not as the sidekick of the more heavily flavored counterpart.

Traditionally, there are three steps in making the vegetable biryani:

First, partially cook the rice in boiling water, just like cooking the chicken biryani.
Then, cook the vegetables with the herb and other warm spices.
Lastly, layer the rice on the vegetable and cooked with the dum method.

Full recipe and notes at :

Vegetable Biryani – How to cook in three simple steps


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